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Steve Nash, MLS Whitecaps Number One Fan

This shouldn't have come as a surprise to anyone, and yet for some reason none of us here in Phoenix saw it coming.

After the Suns game on Friday against the Warriors we asked Steve about his health, the team, the return of Channing Frye -- but no one asked about the obvious question, "Where are you going to be tomorrow when the Whitecaps play their first MLS game?"

The answer, we now know, is Vancouver.

Steve flew out of Phoenix Friday night and reached Vancouver in time to site in the stands, all decked out in his Whitecaps kit and was cheering on his team. A part-owner of the soccer club, Nash took a page from Mark Cuban and Robert Sarver and sat with the fans and waved his equivalent of an orange foam finger. 

Nash didn't get to spend much time in Vancouver, he's playing for the Suns today in Los Angles against the Clippers. I am sure the break from the pressures of the playoff chase did him some good.

He certainly looked he was having fun.


Also check out this fun Whitecaps video that includes a cameo at the end by Nash.