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Video: Jared Dudley's First Dunk Of The Season

When Jared Dudley has an in-game dunk it's news. Big news. This was Jared's first dunk of the season after having five last year and claiming he would have ten this season.

This was an absolute legitimate dunk and came off a beautiful play by Steve Nash to advance the ball to Grant Hill and Hill with a touch pass to Dudley who was streaking into the lane. Impressive!

Marcin Gortat explained what he saw.

"I was excited how he went up. It's kind of new to me to see that. He's pumped up. The whole team is pumped up. One play like that is going to raise intensity of the whole team."

Asked if it was the play that won the game for the Suns, the Polish Hammer said,  "Hell yeah, it was the play of the game!"


Jared Dudley himself walked us through the play:

"That was a momentum-changer right there. It set up perfectly. I don't know what happened. I just saw the ball go in to Grant and I just felt -- me and Grant had that connection that he was going to pass it to me. My left leg is my jumping leg. I went up, head above the rim and all, throw it down. It was big for me. Big for my confidence."

Asked about being off pace for reaching the 10 dunk goal Jared set for himself at the beginning of the season, he said, "It's not how you start, it's how you finish. The first one's always the hardest."

Grant Hill, who had the assist on the play had a slightly different take:

"Let me just say, Jared Dudley's dunk might have been the best dunk I've ever seen him do. Honestly, I thought it was Vince Carter streaking to the basket. If I had known it was Jared I probably wouldn't have passed it to him. But, I'm glad I did because we got a great highlight."