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Phoenix Suns Waive Mickael Pietrus

The Phoenix Suns have made one of their least-surprising announcements of the offseason, as they've parted ways with swingman Mickael Pietrus. The Phoenix Suns sent a brief press release stating the team reached a "financial agreement" with Pietrus who never reported to the team after his trade to the Toronto Raptors fell through.

Pietrus seems to be on the downside of his career, as he averaged only six to seven points with the Orlando Magic and the Suns (after being traded from Orlando) last season and was down to playing around 20 minutes a game.

Pietrus was actually traded this offseason to the Toronto Raptors, but the deal fell apart when the Raptors had question marks about Pietrus's knee and its overall health. Don't expect Pietrus to be out of commission for long though; he'll probably be back and helping out another team in need of versatility, and will try and track him down if he proves he can recover from his original injury.

The Suns still do owe Pietrus $5.3 million in guaranteed salary, but the buyout settlement will save Phoenix $1.2 million reportedly, and that the swingman free agent will make up what he lostin future signings.

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