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Mickael Pietrus Headed Back To Phoenix This Week But Won't Stay Long

Phoenix Suns fans have been wondering all week, "Where in the world is Mickael Pietrus?" Pietrus, you will recall was traded from the Suns to Toronto only to see the deal fall through after concerns about his knee came up during his physical with the Raptors. Since that happened on Saturday, we've not heard from the french swingman with the big smile -- until now.

According to his agent Bill McCandless, as reported by Wendell Maxey, Pietrus has been in Ottawa, Canada waiting on a visa to return to the United States. He's expected back with the Suns on Thursday where he can continue his rehab with the Suns training staff. 

But don't expect him to stay very long:

Over and Back: Mickael Pietrus Still On The Move After Failed Deal With Toronto Raptors 

"I think he is on the move. The idea is for Phoenix to trade him," continued McCandless, with Suns’ head coach Alvin Gentry having to juggle minutes for Grant Hill, Josh Childress, Jared Dudley and the newly signed Shannon Brown.

"That is Plan A. Lon, MP and I are partners in getting him ready so people are confident he will play 61 of the 66 games, rather than 49 of the 66 games this season. He thinks he can play. Players know their bodies."

McCandless remains optimistic that Pietrus will recover quickly and be ready to start playing by Christmas or the New Year. What remains to be seen is what uniform he will be wearing. It doesn't seem likely that it will be Purple and Orange.

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