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Grant Hill Reportedly Plays Prominent Role In NBA Union Decertification Revolt

As the spectre of decertification looms around the NBAPA, more names have emerged from the reportedly 50 player conference calls that took place this earlier week, with the Phoneix Suns' Grant Hill as a proverbial pied piper:

Per Mark Stein on Twitter:

More names emerge as participants on THU decert conf. call: Russell Westbrook, James Posey and JJ Redick, w/Grant Hill prominent on TUE call
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Hill joins this group of players trying to push decertification, and are considered a minority opinion amongst the players, though they may be unravelling any chance of a season in the process. Billy Hunter has already said that decertification is not an option, and the time to threaten decertification has long since passed.

This may be the players last shot at trying to gain some leverage heading into this Saturday's talks, essentially pulling out all the stops in order to get a deal done. 

Per the New York Times' Howard Beck:

The 50-player faction is essentially demanding that the union make no more concessions. That means holding firm for a 52.5 percent share of league revenue - as the union has done so far - and rejecting any new restrictions on contracts and free agency.

If the union compromises too far in either area, it could trigger the decertification drive. The mere threat could handcuff union officials at the bargaining table. Or, in theory, it could motivate the owners to compromise to avoid legal purgatory.

Seems like a risky gamble, but one that some players feel as necessary.

It's interesting to see Grant Hill amongst these 50 players, who as a 39-year-old veteran won't be effected very much by the next CBA put forth by the league and player's association.

Perhaps he simply is trying to take a stand and get this deal finalized through the threat of decertification, or maybe he simply wants to get back out there playing, knowing all too well that his career hasn't much time left. Either way it's setting the stage for a lot of drama this Saturday when talks continue.