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NBA Free Agency Begins, Phoenix Suns Target Grant Hill First

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At 7 a.m. Arizona time Wednesday morning, Phoenix Suns President Lon Babby was already busing making phone calls to his players' agents to check up on them after their long time off due to the lockout. Most importantly he was calling the agents of players who are set to become free agents, including veteran Grant Hillwho will be the primary target the Suns are after before the season starts according to a report by Paul Coro in the Arizona Republic.

"Grant is an absolute first order of business and top priority," Babby said of Hill. "I can't contemplate him not being here. He represents everything we want the franchise to stand for -- on and off the court. He's our ballast."    

After struggling with injury early in his career, Hill has missed only three games the last three seasons and is one of the best examples of a true professional in the NBA. 

Hill is considered one of the top 15 free agents coming into this season,  and will undoubtedly garner attention from other squads. Luckily both Hill and the Suns want this deal to get done, and he and his family are settled into the Phoenix area, so the likelihood of him leaving for greener pastures is slim. 

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