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NBA Lockout: Steve Nash Added Plaintiff to Consolidated Lawsuit By The Players

With the NBA lockout dragging on and both sides unable to compromise and make a deal that they can agree on, NBA players have disbanded the union and are headed to court to try and win a big case against the league. The latest step has been a consolidation of the two current lawsuits the players have against the league into one big suit. This way there is one firm judgment rather than separate ones that could muddle the process. Ben Golliver of CBS Sports filed this report.

"This is now a consolidated class action on behalf of all the players," Boies said, according to Berger. "If we had not done this, the courts would have done it."

"This should permit us to expedite the case," Boies said of the consolidated complaint, noting that additional plantiffs will be added to the case.

Of more interest to Arizona basketball fans is that Steve Nash has become one of the primary plaintiffs for the players. Nash has been one of the biggest advocates for the players through the proceedings, so it's no surprise that he'd be part of this lawsuit. They need his voice and leadership in this process to ensure that the player's association is heard with a clear voice.