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NBA Lockout: Former Arizona Wildcat Derrick Williams Part Of First Lawsuit Against League

As the NBA Lockout continues, the actions taken by both the league and the players are only going to get uglier. Games have reportedly been canceled through December 15 and the chances of any games being played in 2011-2012 look slim-to-none.

Multiple players have filed an antitrust complaint against the NBA in Minnesota and have plans to file another complaint in Northern California Tuesday evening. Among the players involved in the lawsuit, Derrick Williams is the name many across Arizona will know.

Williams was, of course, an All-American last season with the Arizona Wildcats and departed for the NBA Draft in June. He was taken No. 2 overall by the Minnesota Timberwolves. Because of the lockout, Williams has been unable to begin his professional career. Understandably frustrated with the NBA and NBAPA for not coming to an agreement, it makes total sense for Williams to be a part of the antitrust suit.

Here is the official PDF release.