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NBA Lockout Talks Fail Again, Games Cancelled Through End Of November

The NBA players and owners once again pulled the rug out from fans as talks that were looking positive once again failed. The crucial issues remains the split of BRI -- the total revenue pie. Other key issues include the luxury tax details and mid-level exception. 

Union president Billy Hunter says the players have already given up enough in the negotiations and met the stated needs of the owners to address their financial concerns. According to Hunter, the owners side has moved the goal posts and their "eyes got big" and they are asking for even more.

Commissioner David Stern, talking on behalf of the owners. claimed his side moved from a 47 percent of BRI to a 50/50 split (despite having been at 50/50 for weeks) and weren't willing to move any more. The previous deal was 57 percent for the players and they claim the drop to 52.5 percent gives back over $200 million in annual salary to the owners.

There was hope if the sides could come to an agreement this weekend that there would be a chance to still play a full 82-game schedule. With this latest setback, Stern closed the door on that and announced the cancellation of the NBA schedule through the end of November.

The Phoenix Suns schedule is now minus 15 games that were scheduled to be played in November. 

The two sides are still not that far apart so don't be surprised if talks pick back up next week.