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Charles Barkley Talks About NBA Lockout, Phoenix Suns, Kevin Kolb

Charles Barkley is never a man to be silent when there are things to be discussed in sports (even politics)! Barkley went on local Phoenix radio XTRA Sports 910 AM and talked about plenty of things related to the NBA and Arizona sports in general. Check out what he had to say after the jump.

Barkley agrees with the NBA commissioner that there need to be more small market teams. I'm not sure how that qualifies for Phoenix, which is one of the bigger NBA markets out there.

Barkley is not a fan of the players starting their own league, thinking it "stupid".

Barkley does seem a little misinformed when he says players are "going to have to take that 50-50 split" for the deal to get done. It's interesting to see how Charles, who once was a member of the players union has shifted allegiances now that he's working for TNT which a huge NBA partner.

Barkley believes the Suns are a mediocre team right now and "can barely make the playoffs". Phoenix does look they are in limbo even when the lockout ends.

Turning to the NFL, Barkley thinks that the lockout hurt the NFL, even though the season got started on time. Lord knows how much a lockout will end up hurting the NBA if it drags on. He also believes Kevin Kolb needs time and he's a fan of the current Cardinals quarterback.

Barkley is still riding the Obama bandwagon, and believes that he'll win the 2012 election.

Those are your Charles Barkley opinions of the day!