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Phoenix Suns To Hold Training Camp At Grand Canyon

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Despite the looming spectre of the NBA lockout the Phoenix Suns are still making business arrangements as they announced on Thursday their plans to hold their preseason camp at the Grand Canyon; now they just need a season to prepare for.

The Suns have had their camps in places like San Diego and Italy as of late, but decided to stay more local this year and use the facilities at the new Grand Canyon University Arena. Even with the lockout the team needs to have a plan in place when (or if) a new collective bargaining agreement is reached, so they can simply get to work once they are allowed to.

The preseason timetable could be minuscule for the Suns and the NBA, but the team still wants to get away from the US Airways Center for training camp, even if it is just down the road a ways. Training camp usually is about a week long. You can find GCU's new arena on Camelback Road, just east of 35th Avenue, though Suns training camps have historically been closed to the public, save for the camp-ending scrimmage game. Hopefully they'll get the chance to use the facilities.