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Phoenix Suns Looking For A Social Media Sideline Reporter

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, the Phoenix Suns are in the market for a social media sideline reporter, the first position of its kind for a professional sports team. The Suns are setting out to prove that they're improving their social media presence.
Since the team hired social media specialist Greg Esposito, they've been setting out to prove that they're at the forefront of utilizing new media and new technologies. It's an interesting move and although it may not seem like much, the move is unprecedented in professional sports.

Most sports leagues are reluctant to embrace new media. A cursory trip from one NFL team's official website to the next can tell you how well pro football has a handle on the Internet. It's a potential exciting sign of things to come from the NBA, and from the Suns in particular, as this is a big statement that they're looking to keep in touch with their fan's online activity.

Of course, it's too bad that there may not be an NBA season for their new reporter to actually report on, but I'm sure they'll work out the details later.