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Steve Nash Fears 'Dark Hole' For Suns, While Marcin Gortat Apologizes To Fans

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It was a bad loss by any account. Another bad loss, that is. The Phoenix Suns have now lost 11 of their last 14 games and just when you think things could at least be heading in the right direction, this game pops up that leaves the players bewildered and embarrassed for their own performance. 

The Suns gave up a couple of early shots to the Knicks -- who looked more more focused and prepared for the game -- and immediately the heads went down the fight was gone. It happened that fast.

"We're on that slippery slope where we can get in a dark hole if we don't really hold our ground and fight and be passionate about overcoming it," Steve Nash said after the game.

But exactly would that dark hole look like to fans watching the team?

"I think you're seeing it. Like tonight, we kind of lost our confidence and our spirit and we hung our heads. That can't happen," Nash said.

Marcin Gortat called going from the Orlando Magic, who were a contending team, to this ... mess (my words, not his), a reality check and he's not happy about it. And as we've seen, Gortat is not one to mince his words.

"Defensively, poor job by everybody, including me. We just got to get better. And rebounding ... like I said, if we aren't going to be physical, if we aren't going to hit anybody, then we're not going to get rebounds."

Gortat was boo'd by the frustrated Suns fans after he missed two consecutive open layups. While he was probably just the most visible target for the pent up frustration, The Polish Hammer still was taken aback by the reaction.

"I can tell you that, I've never been boo'd in my own house by the fans. So I guess we just have to apologize to the fans for everything that we did today. They pay a lot of money and they definitely didn't deserve such a poor performance by our team," he said before promising the fans they would do better next time.

Let's hope so.