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Vince Carter Says Knee Injury Already Feeling Better, Anxious To Play

Vince Carter didn't practice today, although he did get permission to put up some shots after practice. He is relieved that he doesn't need surgery and wasn't even really sure where that report came from. Sitting on the sideline today, Carter was anxious to get back out on the floor, but will be patient with the injury.

"You get here and you want to help this team. You look around just watching them practice you can see the potential ... You're just sitting there like a little kid just waiting to be old enough to get a chance to play with the big guys."

Carter reported that the Suns medical staff has already had some success with relieving the swelling just based on work they did this morning. He didn't have any specific diagnosis, but said they are treating the injury like a quad strain. There's no timetable for when Carter will be cleared to play, but he hopes that it won't be too long. 

"I feel better today than I did yesterday. A lot better. I'm able to do more. Now it's all just about building the strength back up," Carter told reporters after today's practice.