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Vince Carter Brings Vinsanity To The Desert

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I've been hearing a lot of people stating their displeasure with the blockbuster trade that went down yesterday between the Phoenix Suns and the Orlando Magic. The Suns had to give up a lot of talent, but look at the roster: the team lacked both strength and depth in the post. Hedo Turkoglu was not working out, and while giving up Jason Richardson is a blow to the team, these players are being replaced with quality pieces in return.

We just traded for Vince Carter, people. Half man, half amazing. The former Air Canada (before his merger with the New Jersey Nets).

After the jump, we take a look at some of Vince Carter's most incredible dunks, and talk a little about why he's going to be great in Phoenix.

When Carter was on the Raptors, he was run out of town by his lack of effort and management that wanted to rebuild, rather than seek established talent (such as Steve Nash). Let's not forget, however, that this guy is an electric athlete with tons of ability. Remember this dunk in the Olympics?

I've got one word for this: boo-yah!

Steve Nash is going to push Vince Carter to be great again. Carter's still relatively young (at 33, he has several years of productive basketball left) and has never won anything in his entire career. Can Nash and Carter bring back the funk to Phoenix? I, for one, cannot wait to see him suit up.

Of course, we'll miss the production and chemistry between Jason Richardson and Nash. But without this move, we were going to finish with a sub-.500 record and have a bad team. Who doesn't like an upgrade at this point?