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Steve Nash Trade Rumors Floated By New York Media Flatly Denied By Suns GM

The worse the New York Knicks (3-8) get, the more the New York media will start creating Steve Nash trade rumors to help fix their team. It's kind of funny really; you don't see the Detroit media or the Toronto media or the Los Angeles media covering the Clippers making up this "stuff." Of course, there really isn't any Los Angeles media covering the Clippers, so scratch that.

Obviously, this isn't just a Steve Nash thing. Once two years worth of "LEBRON JAMES IS COMING TO NEW YORK" stories were proven wrong, the entire trade rumor industry had to turn somewhere. It's very similar to when Sony lost its portable music Walkman business to the Apple iPod and pivoted to copying the Wii with its new PlayStation Move -- and equally ineffective.

The latest gobbledygook focuses once again on how cheap Suns Managing Partner Robert Sarver is and somehow concludes that taking on Eddy Curry's bloated contract (and physique) would be a better option. Not to mention they give no mention to the immediate loss in revenue the Suns would suffer if Nash was gone and the team went from being fun, competitive and you-never-lose-all-hope-with-Steve-Nash-on-your-team, to being in rebuilding mode. We've seen how well that's worked with the Pistons, so obviously the New York media concludes it's the right course of action for the Phoenix Suns. 

To counter that genius logic, Suns General Manager Lance Blanks took the unusual step of not only flatly denying that there were any talks going on currently, but essentially guaranteeing that Nash would not be traded this season. That's many steps further than most GMs would go. Perhaps the less experienced Blanks hasn't yet learned the GM art of the hedge. But for now, he couldn't have been more clear.

"Do you think Steve Nash is going to play this whole season with the Suns?" KTAR's host Doug Franz asked Blanks in a radio interview this morning.

"Absolutely. That's one I will tell you. I don't see, certainly in the foreseeable next few years, why Steve Nash would not be here. To me, it's ludicrous," Blanks said with no trace of the door-being-left-open style of speak that former Suns GM and media master Steve Kerr employed.  

That should stop all this nonsense once and for all. 

Click here to listen to the full Lance Blanks interview on the KTAR Doug and Wolf show.

Click play on the YouTube below to see Ludacris himself "Act A Fool", which seems appropriate for the circumstance.