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NBA Power Rankings, Week 2: WTF Is Up With The Hornets?

We're two weeks into the NBA season and it's time to look at the power rankings in all their inconsequential glory.

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Now that we're in Week 2, getting into the meat and potatoes of the regular season, we're going to start taking hard looks at the NBA power rankings from around the interwebz, where it's mainly all about the New Orleans Hornets and Los Angeles Lakers and their unblemished early records.

So far, everyone seems to be pretty in love with the New Orleans Hornets. Look, I get it: they're undefeated and were not expected to come charging into the new season, what with the coaching and GM changes, Chris Paul's belly-aching and a series of somewhat underwhelming offfseason personnel moves. So their start is kind of surprising and welcome in a basketball world in which the Lakers and Heat are the sexy clear-cut favorites.

The most surprising thing about the Hornets is the level of competition they've left in their wake. Five of the six teams they've vanquished (Bucks (beaten twice), Heat, SpursRockets and Nuggets) finished over .500 last year, and the NBA Jam-esque Heat were anticipated to go 94-0 this year. Despite that, I expect the Hornets will eventually hit their ceiling and probably soon. Paul's awesome, but has spent the last couple of years mired in injury and he no longer has Darren Collison there to excel in his absence. They're a deeper team than in years past, but the quality of depth remains sketchy outside of yesteryear rookie sensation Marcus Thornton, who's having a pretty blase start.

As for other early season surprises, the suckitude of the Rockets is odd. They were a scrap-a-licious nigh-playoff team last season without franchise center Yao Ming or any other player of note. Now, with Ming back, they've only been able to scrap their way to a handful of almost-wins. Unfortunately for them, Aaron Brooks, point guard and last year's Most Improved Player, is out for four-to-six weeks with a sprained ankle. And it's only a matter of time before Ming goes down again. Things aren't look swell in Houston thus far.

And the Clippers, despite having a talented roster that some thought might make them a surprise playoff team, continue to wallow in mediocrity and ineptitude. Blake Griffin, of course, has been killing it, but fat Baron Davis and his $13+ million salary have been benched injured in favor of rookie Eric Bledsoe and the Clips have Vinny Del Negro as their coach, so, taking cliches into account, they better hope they don't encounter any paper bags.

All else appears to be (mostly) right with the NBA. Most teams are chugging right along the paths they should be. Except in Miami -- they've lost three games so far. I'm pretty sure I read that LeBron JamesDwyane Wade and Chris Bosh are now planning a tragic, yet romantic group suicide to escape their pained existence. And Mike Miller, you were not invited, so take your weird ponytail elsewhere.

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