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Erick Dampier To Decide Soon, Gentry Says

The Suns continue to show interest in big man Erick Dampier, who was in Phoenix Thursday and Friday to meet with club officials. 

"It's just a process," Gentry said on Friday before taking the Suns to Palm Springs for an outdoor preseason game on Saturday against the Mavericks

"Obviously, he's evaluating us and some other things, and at some point in the near future, I'm sure I think he'll make a decision."

Gentry has been very candid about the size deficiencies on his roster and the Suns have spent most of the offseason exploring a variety of options for the backup center position.

"When you look at a team like the Lakers and they run (Andrew) Bynum and Pau (Gasol) and Lamar (Odom) and a bunch of seven-foot guys, and they added Theo Ratliff, I just think you can't ever have too much size on a team," Gentry said.

If Dampier is added to the team, it would likely mean the immediate end to Garret Siler's chances to the make the Suns and might also make Dwayne Jones expendable.