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Suns Have Plenty Of Work Left To Do, Lose By 51 To Toronto

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Well, if there was any concern about the team being overconfident and not buying into the underdog theme being sold by Steve Nash and Alvin Gentry, tonight's game should take care of that.

There were plenty of excuses -- second of the back to back this early in the season, losing Jason Richardson in the first quarter to a shoulder injury, no Channing Frye (baby birth), Grant Hill getting ejected by his old pal Billy Kennedy and a 55 to 33 disparity in free throw attempts.

But you can toss that all aside when you look at one stat: 32 turnovers, which led to 37 Raptors points. Unbelievable that you could turn the ball over 32 times in a 48 minutes game. That's now a total of  55 turnovers in two games.

Sure, go ahead and pick on Garret Siler fouling out after 10 minutes or Gani Lawal shooting 5-for-12 from the line, but none of that matters when you give the ball up 32 times.

Every single Suns player had at least one turnover in the game and Earl Clark and Gani Lawal had four each and Robin Lopez led the way with five. Guess he was tired after playing 31 minutes last night.

Jared Dudley "led" the Suns scoring with 10, the only Phoenix player in double figures. Linas Kleiza had 20 to pace Toronto. 

All you can do is look at this as a positive.

It will motivate the team to work harder in practice and remind everyone to be Nash-like in their humility and fully embrace their inner underdog.

The Suns return to Phoenix and were scheduled to have Thursday off before a light workout Friday morning, followed by a shoot-around in Palm Springs Friday evening. We'll see if Gentry sticks to that plan.


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