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Celebrating Grant Hill's Birthday: Things You Can Do To Act Younger Than You Really Are

Today is Grant Hill's birthday. He's 38 years young. 

Or is he?

Grant's basketball production at such an advanced age (he's still two years younger than me, so I'm allowed to say that) is a thing to behold. Who can forget this block on Jerryd Bayless in last year's playoffs*?

*YouTube below because you can never see this play too many times.

Grant does other things to act younger than his age, like having a pop star wife, wearing "Save Ferris" T-shirts, and, at one point last season, going with the high-top fade hair cut.

You can be like Grant, too. Here's some suggestions for acting younger than your age:

  •  Rent a bouncy house for your Friday night party. Beer and bouncy houses mix well.
  • You can wear a fitted hat with the brim not bent. That's what all the cool kids do.
  • Wear your pants down around your ass so everyone can see how cool your boxer shorts are. (Not recommended for female readers.)
  • Grow Justin Beiber hair ... kind of like Steve Nash.
  • Change your Facebook profile picture to a shot of you at 18 doing something this.
  • Wear sneakers with the laces untied, which I totally rock on the daily.

Or, you can just block the crap out of a young, cocky stud. I highly recommend this one:

Happy Birthday, Grant!