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Mercury Re-Sign Krystal Thomas

Late last week the Mercury made an early season cut in Zane Tamane that made little sense at the time. She was barely playing and was a center with great size.

The reason is clearer today as the team has re-signed Training Camp standout Krystal Thomas.

Thomas is a 6-5 second year center that plays a rugged style. She brings a tough presence to the team in terms of defense and rebounding, both low points for the team thus far. Last year Thomas was signed to a seven-day contract and earned her role on the team for the rest of the season. In the teams exhibition against the Japanese National Team earlier this month Thomas came off the bench for 7 points and 8 rebounds in just 13:18 of action.

The Mercury have been outrebounded 109-88 (-21) on the season and punished inside by teams, which is the reason for the 1-2 start.

So far this season the team has played a short bench. With Thomas being familiar with the system and the roster overall after being here for the past 10 months they will rely on her to contribute right away. The team plays in Atlanta on Thursday May 31st.