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NHL Lockout: League Cancels Preseason Through Sept. 30

The NHL has officially cancelled the preseason through Sept. 30, cutting out four of the Phoenix Coyotes' preseason games.

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The NHL said that it has officially cancelled the preseason through Sept. 30, following the failure of the players and league to reach a new collective bargaining agreement. The prior CBA ended on Sept. 15.

That means four Phoenix Coyotes games are scratched off the list. The Coyotes were scheduled to play the Los Angeles Kings twice on Sept. 24, the Anaheim Ducks on Sept. 25 and the San Jose Sharks on the 27th.

Phoenix President Mike Nealy sent a letter to its fans on Sunday, telling them to remain in support of the team despite the lockout.

The Coyotes are hopeful that the duration of the lockout will be brief, and we respectfully ask all our loyal and passionate fans for their patience during this time.

The league's cancellation also includes the preseason classic Kraft Hockeyville game in Ontario, and the Frozen Fury game between the Kings and Colorado Avalanche that was to be played at the MGM Grand.

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