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Coyotes' Shane Doan Reportedly Down To Phoenix, Vancouver

It appears Phoenix Coyotes forward Shane Doan has narrowed his free-agent options to two NHL teams: the Coyotes and the Vancouver Canucks. And he'll make the decision on which team he'll play for as soon as Friday, according to a report.

Doan, the captain of the Coyotes and the only original Coyote from when the team moved from Winnipeg in the mid-1990s, has an agreement in place for a contract with the Yotes. But he's waiting on the settling of the ownership situation, an annual thing in the Valley of the Sun, before signing on the dotted line.

While that saga plays out and likely won't be settled in the next couple of days, Doan has another option: the Canucks. If he isn't satisfied with what comes of the Coyotes ownership drama, he can bolt for British Columbia when he signs Friday, just before a possible lockout of the players.

Doan is one of the most recognizable pro athletes in the Phoenix area. He's visible in the community and would like to stay in Arizona. But he might have to take a leap of faith if he really wants to remain.

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