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NHL CBA, Sale Of Coyotes Stalls Phoenix On Shane Doan

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With the threat of a pending lockout looming overhead, the Phoenix Coyotes have simply been treading water this offseason instead of making big splashes. And according to a report from AZ Central's Sarah McLellan, the team is likely to stay that way.

"Everybody is in a holding pattern in regards to the deals they can potentially make," Coyotes General Manager Don Maloney said. "The last number of years August is a quiet month anyway, but this CBA makes it a little quieter than normal."

As potential buyer Greg Jamison continues to mull over his options and the status of captain Shane Doan's future in rizona remains up in the air as well, the Coyotes certainly have some items on the docket they'd like to take care of. And as training camp is right around the corner in mid-September, the affects of CBA negotiations are truly taking it's toll on teams like Phoenix, who reamin in wait to see how things pan out.

The current CBA expires on September 15. If a new deal cannot be reached by then the NHL plans to lock out it's players. Discussions to create a new CBA are ongoing.

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