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City Of Glendale Approves Arena Management Deal To Keep Coyotes In Arizona

On Friday, the Glendale city council voted 4-2 in favor of the proposed arena management fee that would keep the Phoenix Coyotes at Arena and in Glendale. With the approval, it should keep teh hockey team here for another 20 years.

It was not without its obstacles. The Goldwater Institute, which has been fighting through the entire process, lost a petition in court to keep the vote from happening, but it vows to challenge the vote, claiming that the city had a backroom deal.

"We absolutely will challenge this vote," said Carrie Ann Sitren, an attorney representing Goldwater. They claim that the city has not been been producing public records according to law.

However, assuming nothing changes, the venue for the Coyotes will remain the same.

The NHL, though, has not yet formally announced that Greg Jamison has been approved as the new owner of the team. The Coyotes are being run by the NHL.

Once that happens, it is a done deal. Hockey will stay in the Valley of the Sun. All it took was $325 million in fund from the taxpayers.

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