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NHL Draft Order 2012: Edmonton Has First Overall Pick, Coyotes Pick 27th With 9 Picks In Total

The 2012 NHL Draft gets started Friday evening, and the Phoenix Coyotes come up 27th in the Round 1 order. They have eight additional picks beyond the first round, laid out as follows: they pick 28th in the second round (58th overall), 20th and 27th in the third round (81st and 88th overall), 11th in the fourth round (102nd overall), 27th in the fifth round (148th overall), 27th in the sixth round (178th overall), and in the seventh and final round they select 3rd and 27th, with the 184th and 208th overall picks.

The Edmonton Oilers have the first overall selection. A complete listing of the 2012 NHL Draft order can be found here.

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