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Gary Bettman Won't Present Himself Stanley Cup If Coyotes Win It All

The Phoenix Coyotes are making a run to the Stanley Cup Finals.

Our buddy at the mothership Travis Hughes compiled these Tweets and reports, and figured out that there's a lot of interest in the possibility of the Coyotes winning it all. Why? Because currently the NHL commissioner is technically the owner, which would lead to one awkward presentation.

The conclusion is faulty though.

As Hughes points out, Bettman cannot present the Stanley Cup to the owner of the team (which for the moment is technically the NHL), but instead off to the team captain, who then passes it along to every other member of the team before it eventually goes to the coaches and later on the front office.

Still, it wouldn't be the greatest day for hockey if the Coyotoes ended up winning this title. The good news for Bettman is that the Coyotes might be on the verge of getting a new owner. Possibly. Brian Stubits of CBS Sports has the report.

Former Sharks CEO and minority owner Greg Jamison arrived in the conversation later than some of the other potential buyers but he's the one who is finally going to get a deal done, so it would seem. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman and Jamison were on hand in Glendale on Monday night not only to witness the Coyotes trying to make their first conference finals in franchise history, but to update the sale process for the franchise and identify Jamison and his group as the man they want to strike a deal with.

"Basically the status of things is, we have an understanding with Greg Jamison that we are going to proceed with he and his group to reach a formal agreement for the purchase and sale of the Coyotes," Bettman said. "While Greg is working on that with us he also going to be simultaneously looking to conclude an agreement with the city of Glendale. If all things track as we hope they will in the not too distant future, although I won't put an exact time frame on it, we will be in a position, subject to board approval and the council approval obviously to have the sale of the Coyotes finalized and effectuated.

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