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2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs, Predators Vs. Coyotes: Five For Howling Reacts To Wednesday's Game

After an exciting game of hockey took place Wednesday night, the Phoenix Coyotes unfortunately came up a bit short against the Nashville Predators.

Over at Five for Howling, SB Nation's premiere Phoenix Coyotes blog, their writers are busy knocking stories out of the park about their favorite hockey team ll day long. One such gentlemen is the Dude, or better known as Dude, the, dropping knowledge bombs about Phoenix's performance last night.

Here's the Dude with the commentary:

The Phoenix Coyotes seemed to forget everything they did during the first game to win and decided to play like the Nashville Predators. They allowed turnovers, made stupid mistakes, and didn't play like they wanted to win. We all expected the Nashville Predators to come out strong, they are desperate having lost the first two because of their own stupid mistakes, but we hoped that maybe the if the Yotes brought the same intensity they had in the second game they could overcome that hunger.

Unfortunately that didn't happen, but I guess since the Predators lost both of their games at home during the regular season they were due for a win. Luckily there is nothing to worry about though, we still have home ice advantage, we are still leading the series, and Coach Tippett is going to make the boys sorry for their play during this game. You could definitely say that Nashville had all the luck in this game, but Tippett says that you create your luck, and to their credit they did generate the chances that lead to the lucky goals.

Couldn't have said it any better. Hopefully the Yotes can pick themselves up after that tough loss and get back in the saddle for their next matchup on Friday.

For more on the Coyotes, head over to Five for Howling and SB Nation Arizona.

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