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Coyotes Take To The Skies In Search Of Fans

Give the Phoenix Coyotes credit - they're coming up with imaginative ways to pitch the product to locals and visitors to our fine region.

Where better to reach a crowd of a few thousand sports fans than at a spring training baseball game? You're an out-of-towner, let's say, and you go see a spring training game in the afternoon and you have your evening free. The Coyotes are an option to fill that time.

With that in mind, let's assume, here's what was spotted above Peoria Sports Complex recently, being dragged by a plane:


Attendance is, as is common knowledge, an issue here in the Valley for the Coyotes, who are last in the NHL in average attendance for home games. Just check these up-to-date figures. But the Yotes are a playoff team, at least right now, and Arena will be crackling when the playoffs start.

I wonder how many other NHL teams would resort to a move like this to draw fans. But it doesn't matter much. At least the Coyotes are trying something different.