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Phoenix Coyotes Sale: San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jamison Close To Deal To Purchase Team, According To Reports

San Jose Sharks CEO Greg Jamison and his group of investors may have finally come through and saved hockey in Glendale.

After the NHL originally denied a report that Jamison's group had purchased the Phoenix Coyotes over the weekend, a report by Mick Sunnucks of Phoenix Business Journal, who broke the news of the Jamison negotiations in August 2011, says that the deal is almost complete.

"The deal still has to go through final approvals and due diligence as well as through the city of Glendale which owns Arena. But Jamison, the NHL and Glendale are close to a final deal, according to sources familiar with the hockey team.

Sunnucks also had this to say.

"Sources familiar with the deal say the deal is not 100 percent complete but said the league is looking to close a deal soon with Jamison. A Coyotes sale would end a three year ownership saga."

If the deal falls through, there is another ownership group lying in the wings waiting for an opportunity, led by Chicago Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf and Phoenix attorney John Kaites. Seattle is also a city prime for a team.

As close as this is to being over, there is still plenty to do. Stay tuned...