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Shane Doan thinks new lease deal is good for Glendale

The Phoenix Coyotes veteran only has good things to say after the city of Glendale approved a new arena agreement, paving the way for Greg Jamison to purchase the team.

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Mike Stobe

Phoenix Coyotes veteran Shane Doan is excited the city of Glendale after agreeing to an arena-management deal to keep the team in the area, he told reporters on Friday.

With the $320 million arena-management deal in place, Greg Jamison will start the process of formally acquiring the Coyotes from the NHL, who have run the team since they filed for bankruptcy in 2009.

"I really do think it is good for the city of Glendale, and obviously there are people that disagree," Doan said. "It is a good opportunity for the city to grow and hopefully be a positive thing going forward."

Jamison, the former president and CEO of the San Jose Sharks, has been waiting on the city to approve a new lease deal before he purchased the team. It is believed that he will pay the NHL approximately $170 million for the Coyotes.

Doan signed a four-year $21.2 million contract with the Coyotes earlier in September, after leading the team to their first division title in 2011. Although some thought he would wait for a formal leadership change, Doan was confident that the Coyotes would have a new owner.

It was big for Mr. Jamison to get the team, but at the same time I was pretty confident that was going to happen. It was just a matter of time.

The NHL, of course, still remains embroiled in a lockout so Jamison will not get to enjoy his new team in the near future.