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Phoenix Coyotes sale: Glendale again extends deadline

The sale of the Phoenix Coyotes was given another extension on Monday.

Jeff Gross - Getty Images

The NHL and the City of Glendale plan on extending the agreement that sees the league running Arena for 30 more days, as Greg Jamison attempts to purchase the Phoenix Coyotes, the Phoenix Business Journal reported on Monday.

Jamison has been trying to purchase the team from the NHL and keep the team in the Phoenix area. The NHL took over the Phoenix Coyotes after the previous owner Jerry Moyes declared bankruptcy in 2009. The latest 30-day agreement between Glendale and the NHL expired at the end of September.

The Glendale City Council approved a deal in June for a new arena, but the city is holding out and trying to get better terms on a deal. Meanwhile, Jamison has an agreement with the NHL in place, but is still seeking capital to meet the NHL's $170 million asking price for the Coyotes.

The city of Glendale has paid the NHL approximately $25 million for each of the past two seasons to run the Arena.

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