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Phoenix Coyotes Sale: Three Possible Suitors Willing To Leave Team In Arizona

According to a report from the Associated Press, the Phoenix Coyotes reportedly have three possible buyers for the NHL owned franchise that are willing to leave the team in Glendale, music to the hears of Coyotes fans everywhere.

NHL commissioner Gary Betteman discussed the possible sale during his weekly radio show:

"There are probably three different groups that are taking a serious look at buying the Coyotes to keep them where they’re located," Bettman said.

Betteman noted that Glendale is "very much part of the equation," after dishing $25 million each of the past two seasons to keep them in Glendale while the NHL operates the team. The NHL purchased the franchise back in 2009 out of bankruptcy.

Two of the three groups interested include former San Jose Sharks president and CEO Greg Jamison, and the another led by Chicago sports icon Jerry Reinsdorf.

"We’re going to try to avoid a move of the Coyotes, but if we don’t sell the club, I’m not sure that this won’t be the last season here," he said.

The NHL’s Board of Governors meeting will be held in Ottawa this Saturday, where the Coyotes future is planned to be discussed further.

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