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Kyle Turris Contract Demands 'Illogical' GM Don Maloney Says

Kyle Turris, 22-years-old, did not report to training camp with the Phoenix Coyotes. The restricted free agent is holding out for a new contract. The Coyotes like the young prospect who was drafted third overall in the 2007 NHL Draft.

It doesn't sound like there's any kind of resolution coming soon. General manager Don Maloney said on Friday that the two sides are far apart and called the demands by Turris and his agent, "illogical".

According to ESPN, Turris is reportedly looking for a "three-year deal worth an average of slightly more than $4 million annually or a two-year deal worth slightly more than $3 million."

The two guys drafted ahead of Turris, Patrick Kane and James van Riemsdyk, both received deals bigger than that but both have also been far more productive than the young Coyotes center. Turris had just 25 points in 65 games with Phoenix last season and have only 46 in his NHL career.

Five For Howling blog recent penned an open letter to Turris and his agent urging them to reconsider their stance.

An Open Letter to Kyle Turris and His Agent Kurt Overhardt - Five For Howling
4 million a year for .25 points per game? Prove that the potential is more than just hype first and your client will get paid and paid well. The Coyotes have no center depth. They want him to do well. They want Kyle to earn a big pay day. EARN a big payday. If you think Don Maloney is just handing out extensions like candy for whatever asking price you have seriously misjudged your man.

No one doubts Turris has potential but the general consensus is the Coyotes are right to not pay him before he's delivered on that promise.

Maloney did say that his team was well positioned financially. While last season the budget was very tight, he said that this year there's a lot more flexibility at this point in the season with what he can spend.

Here's Maloney talking about the team and goalkeeper situation: