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Coyotes Fan Blog Fed Up With Ownership Mess, Blames City Of Glendale

We all love Shane Doan, but at some point you stop showing up on line for your daily kick in the nuts. And then you stop going to games because while the hockey is fun all anyone wants to talk about is the ownership bullshit. Then you just get pissed off at hockey in general to the point where it's no longer a fun diversion but just a ritual beating that you stop taking at some point.

By the time this thing gets settled the fanbase that was already small is going to be miniscule. And I don't blame fans one bit for bolting. Sport is supposed to be fun, a hobby, not some massive headache.

So City of Glendale take your sweet time finding yet another buyer to screw over. In the mean time I'm sure more and more people will find something else to do with their time than put up with your incompetence.

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