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Phoenix Coyotes Deal Parties And Interloper To Meet, Some Kind Of End Is Near

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There's been a lot of talk about the NHL having already decided to sell the Phoenix Coyotes to a group of farmers in Winnipeg* with the delay only long enough so as not to create a stir during the playoffs. The mess has gone seemingly forever with accusations, rumors and flat out lies coming from all directions. But one thing everyone appears to agree on is a May deadline to have the deal done and the Coyotes permanently ensconced in Glendale or packing up their winter coats and moving to Canada.

The lasted news is news that shouldn't be news. The meddlesome Goldwater Institute has FINALLY agreed to step out of the shadows and have *gasp* a meeting with the City of Glendale to discuss their concerns. That meeting, according to the Phoenix Business Journal who's reporting on this has been exceptional, will take place on Thursday afternoon. 

In a slightly less news related development, the Arizona Republic's sports editor, Mark Faller, authored a rare editorial on the matter today.

Faller calls on prospective owner Matt Hulsizer to break his weeks-long silence and show his face in Glendale tonight. 

"There will not be any formal announcements today, but depending on what Hulsizer does - or fails to do - I fear we will know. One way or the other," Faller wrote.

* The group from Winnipeg known at True North Entertainment appears to be controlled by lawyer / businessman Mark Chipman, aka The Chipper. The Chipper, interestingly enough, went to school in North Dakota and began his career practicing law in Florida. He seems to have made his money with financial services company called National Leasing which was recently sold to Canadian Western Bank. 

The guy in the deal with even more money is billionaire David Thompson, aka The Third Baron Thompson of Fleet. Baron Thompson is one of the wealthiest dudes in the world and is a media mogul that puts Ted Turner or Rupert Murdoch to shame.