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Phoenix Coyotes Vs. Detroit Red Wings: Game 2 Goes To Detroit, 4-3 After Gritty Comeback Attempt

There was a point early in the second period where the Phoenix Coyotes didn't look like they even belonged on the same ice as the Detroit Red Wings. The broadcasters called them the "Washington Generals" and openly speculated on pulling star goalie Ilya Bryzgolov. 

But the Coyotes battled back from a 4-0 deficit with three power play goals to at least given themselves both a chance to tie the game late and some confidence and momentum coming home for Game 3. Detroit now leads the series 2-0 with the next meeting coming on Monday in Glendale at arena.

The third period started with the momentum and possession in Phoenix' favor which translated into two power play goals from The Capitan, Shane Doan. The ability to take advantage of the extra man was a key going into this game and it certainly played out that way. Five of the seven goals scored were on the power play including all three from Phoenix.

Take away a few of the dumb penalties in the first period, and the Coyotes very well could be tied in the series instead of facing a must win scenario for Game 3.

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