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Phoenix Coyotes, The Desert Underdogs, Battle The Detroit Red Wings For Respect

There's a lot of noise going on about the Phoenix Coyotes and little of it is positive. Even today, in what certainly was (or could be) a calculated conspiracy, the Canadian media floated new rumors about the team leaving the desert. Was it an accident these rumors surfaced hours before Game 1 of the playoff series with the Red Wing? Not likely.

The Coyotes have dealt with this nonsense for 18 months and today's silliness isn't likely to distract them from the task at hand which is beating the Red Wings and coming home with at least one win. It's a tall task for the underdog Phoenix team who's giving up 1 1/2 goals on the Vegas line.

The great folks at Coyotes blog, Five for Howling, are admittedly bias for their team but they have put together a compelling 19-point list of why Phoenix can upset Detroit. Check it out:

19 Reasons the Coyotes Will Defeat the Red Wings - Five For Howling
The Phoenix Coyotes may be the most snake bitten franchise in the NHL.  During their 15 years in the Valley they've never won a playoff series.  Dating back to their days as the Jets, the franchise hasn't won a playoff series period since 1987.  After the jump, the 19 reasons why this year is going to be different.