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Glendale Law Suit On Hold As Talks Continue On Coyotes Deal

The never-ending saga drags on just a little bit further according to this latest report from ESPN:


Sources: Glendale holds off on filing suit in Coyotes sale - ESPN
The City of Glendale remains poised to file suit against the Goldwater Institute over what it alleges is illegal interference in the attempted sale of municipal bonds critical to keeping the Phoenix Coyotes in Arizona.

However, discussions aimed at getting the bonds sold and a lease agreement finalized with Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer continued Monday and so the city held off on filing the suit, a source told Monday afternoon.

So the threat of a law suit aimed at stopping the Goldwater Institute from threating to sue has generated discussions that have put that law suits on hold...for now.

Meanwhile, Five for Howling feels that GWI is in fact working the the best interest of the tax payers as they claim. The problem is, they are working in the best interests of Canadians.

How The Goldwater Institute Is Proving Phoenix is a Hockey Market - Five For Howling
If that's true though then what does that mean for the taxpayers? Does that mean that the taxpayers themselves want to see a deal fall apart that would leave a big hole in the City of Glendale, no hockey team, and a multi-million dollar retail complex turn into a ghost-town?

What kind of tax payer would actually want that? The answer: Canadian ones.