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Hulsizer Makes Concession On Coyotes Deal, Will Goldwater Institute Give Up Their Fight?

Prospective owner of the Phoenix Coyotes, Matthew Hulsizer flew into town today and made a stunning announcement during the first intermission of the Coyotes game against the Blackhawks. has the full transcription of Hulsizer's interview with Fox Sports Arizona's Todd Walsh. 

"We, on Friday, sent a letter to Goldwater to make it brain dead simple," Hulsizer announced, "We said ‘Look, we're going to take the $100 million you get $25 million back. $75 million will guarantee it.'"

Here's full video of the interview.

So that should be it, right? No more legal issues for the Goldwater Institute to fuss over now that Hulsizer is guaranteeing he will cover any losses the City of Glendale sees as a result of buying the parking rights for $75 million. 

Senator John McCain and former Attorney General Grant Woods, both conservative politicians normally aligned with the positions of GWI, went on the air after Hulsizer and said that this latest move should remove any legal concerns over the deal.

"I think that makes this a no-brainer," Woods said of the concession by Hulsizer.

Somehow, though, I doubt that will be the end of it. 

From the beginning, GWI has treated this like a political campaign. They've spread false information, used tactics such as robo-calling voters to generate awareness, and have gone far beyond the bounds of a strict legal concern to sink this deal.

Whether they've been shilling for outside forces who stand to benefit from the Coyotes' departure or they've simply taken advantage of the situation to raise their profile and generate more donations to their coffers, they've acted as anything but a responsible civic watchdog. 

They are not likely to just go away now that Hulsizer has made this concession.