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Goldwater Institute Meddling Threatens To Derail Sale Of Phoenix Coyotes

Just who are these chuckle heads at the Goldwater Institute anyway? In the latest chapter of an ownership saga that's gone on FAR too long, the sale of the Phoenix Coyotes to Matthew Hulsizer is in jeopardy.

Now that the City of Glendale is on board with all the details of the sale and renegotiated lease agreement, it's the threat of a law suit from those pesky self proclaimed Goldwater watchdogs that's holding things up and reportedly could be close to sinking the entire arrangement and chasing the Coyotes out of town. 

Clock ticks on Phoenix Coyotes sale | Phoenix Business Journal

Sources familiar with the Coyotes situation said the deal with Hulsizer may only have a few days to get done, or the entire package could fall apart.

[...]Also in some legal irony, Goldwater's lawsuit threats are driving up Glendale's bond interest rates, according to Hulsizer. That makes the Glendale-Coyotes deal more expensive for the city. That in turn improves Goldwater's legal case that the city money for Hulsizer is a gift.

The entire future of the franchise let alone the financial disaster their leaving would be to Glendale, is left up to the whims of some conservative policy wonks and lawyers at the Goldwater Institute who claims to be an "independent government watchdog supported by people who are committed to expanding free enterprise and liberty."

I would love to hear how they explain away their interference in the business of the elected representatives of the City of Glendale and the private business of Hulsizer and the NHL as somehow related to their commitment to liberty.

Just who's interests do they think they are protecting by artificially driving up the cost of the bonds? It makes you wonder how they stand to profit by seeing the Coyotes leave or having the city pay higher interest rates on the bonds.