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NHL Power Rankings 2011: Coyotes Treading Water In Weak Division

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The Phoenix Coyotes are only two points behind the Sharks and the Stars for the division lead, but are seeing very little love in the NHL power rankings.

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The Phoenix Coyotes dropped a game to the St. Louis Blues on Friday night, but still hold a respectable 18-13-3 record and have terrific road record of 11-6-1. They are still very much alive in their hunt for dominance in the Pacific Division and sit in back of both the Dallas Stars and the San Jose Sharks by two points for the division lead.

The NHL Power Rankings, however, are very cognizant of the fact that the Coyotes are both playing in a weak division and failing to take advantage of key opportunities in what could be winnable games. Based on the average of the top power rankings as presented at Real Clear Sports, the Phoenix squad places No. 18 overall, behind the Washington Capitals and ahead of the Winnipeg Jets.

FOX Sports likewise places the Coyotes as No. 18, also behind the Caps and ahead of the Jets. The team fares better on the ESPN power rankings, sitting dead in the middle of the pack at No. 15, right behind the Stars. By contrast, The Hockey News has the 'Yotes all the way down at No. 22, sandwiched between middling teams in the Tampa Bay Lightning and Montreal Canadiens.

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