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Arizona Coyotes Have Second Cheapest Tickets In All Of Hockey

According to the Phoenix Business Journal, tickets to watch the Phoenix Coyotes play are the second cheapest in all of the NHL. If you wanted to go see your home team play (which is apparently a pretty big "if"), the average ticket will only set you back $36.15 per seat. Want one of the best seats in the house? You'll only spend about $120 on a rinkside seat. Plus, it's one of the best ways available to beat the desert heat. On top of all that, the Coyotes are the only hockey team to offer free parking for games. The only other major sports team in North America to provide fans with free parking? You guessed it: the Tampa Bay Rays.

Surprisingly, there is even cheaper sports entertainment to be found in Arizona.

Although a trip to see the Coyotes play isn't going to cripple your bank account, the Arizona Diamondbacks are actually the cheapest major sports team in the state to visit, as the average ticket price is just over 15 dollars.

Only the Dallas Stars have cheaper ticket prices than the Coyotes for a hockey game, but just give Phoenix a few more years. Why is Arizona so reluctant to embrace and support their local hockey team? They're coming off a playoff season, and despite a shaky start this season, they're currently 7-4-2 in a very winnable division. They're even giving out John McCain bobbleheads on Thursday night, for crying out loud!

People keep trying to tell me that hockey in the United States is a niche market, but I just don't see it. Hopefully the Coyotes will be able to have a nice long playoff run this year and gain some of those lovely bandwagon fans that everybody loves. Maybe we can start spreading the word about affordable tickets and free parking. Unless...

Wait a minute...

You Coyotes fans are keeping this a secret on purpose, aren't you? Making sure people stay away so you can have all the cheap seats and parking to yourselves. Why, you diabolical masterminds.

Feel free to gloat about your brilliant plan with your fellow conspirators over at Five For Howling.