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Phoenix Coyotes Clock Ticking, NHL To Sell Or Move Team

The Phoenix Coyotes ownership drama continues to drag on. According to this report, the NHL will either sell or move the team before next season. The league has owned the Coyotes for the last two years.

Yes, you've heard all this before and many times over. The Phoenix Coyotes are once again on the clock to find an owner or face moving out of Glendale and back to somewhere, likely Canada. According to a report in the Toronto Star, the NHL who has owned the team for two full seasons, is out of patience.

Cox: NHL set to unload or move Coyotes -
"The clock runs out this year," said a source on condition of anonymity.

According to the report in the Star and others that have been floating around for some time, there are two potential ownership groups exploring a deal to keep the team in Glendale. Chicago White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf is and has been a name associated with the team. More recently former San Jose Sharks exec Greg Jamison has allegedly gotten involved.

As we know from the Matthew Hulsizer bid that was completed only to be sunk by the meddling of the Goldwater Institute, it will take a lot more than an interested buyer, a willing seller and a deal with the City to keep the team in town. Exactly what a deal has to look like is anyone's guess at this point.

The NHL has set these deadlines before as a way to force some kind of resolution. It's entirely possible that this unnamed source is either wrong of simply bluffing. But at this point with attendance and sponsorships suffering under the weight of the uncertainty, it's in everyone's best interests to have the ownership situation resolved as soon as possible.

Hopefully, one of the potential owners will clear all the hurdles and be able to bail out the City of Glendale from their huge investment in Arena. Circle early March on your calendar as the latest deadline.