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AUDIO: Phoenix Coyotes Could Stay Where They Are, According To NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman

If the Phoenix Coyotes wanted some reassurance that they'd be staying right where they area, they got it from the right person. NHL commissioner Gary Bettman struck a hopeful note when he said he'd like the Coyotes to remain right where they are in Arizona.

Bettman was on radio in Toronto and talked about the Phoenix  rumors, the potential of realignment and how the Phoenix situation could muck it up, and how positive he was about the future of hockey in Phoenix eventually making it. It's hard to say how optimistic a Coyotes fan should be. Bettman seems honest in his conviction that the Coyotes won't be leaving. It could be just the commissioner being politically correct and ensuring that there's no ill-will directed toward the league. Or it could be hope. It'd be nice to see the fans feel hope.

Listen to the full interview by clicking here. Thanks to Steven Cuce of Sports Radio Interviews for transcribing Bettman's words.

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