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Agreement (Allegedly) In Place For Hulsizer To Buy Coyotes From NHL

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When it comes to this story, there's absolutely no reason to believe anything until it's done. Until the ink is dried and the fat lady has sung, nothing has happened except more noise.

But at least today's noise is positive -- if you are a supporter of keeping the Coyotes NHL ice hockey team in the desert where they belong. What?

Here's the latest from around the web starting with our own Five for Howling:

Of course, the Canadian media can't get their stories straight. I blame the lack of oxygen and sunshine. They really should move to Arizona, where the climate is much more conducive to hockey ... and thinking.

  • Latest bid to buy Coyotes stalls - The Globe and Mail Good news for hockey fans in Winnipeg. Matthew Hulsizer’s bid to buy the Phoenix Coyotes from the NHL has stalled because the Chicago businessman wants a big discount on the $165-million (all currency U.S.) the league wants for the team, two sources say.
  • Coyotes staying in the desert? | Hockey | Sports | Winnipeg Sun It looks like the Phoenix Coyotes won't be coming back to their original home after all. Sources have confirmed that the NHL has reached a conceptual agreement with Chicago businessman Matthew Hulsizer that would keep the Coyotes in Glendale, Ariz. for the foreseeable future.