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NFL Power Rankings

Cardinals finish near bottom of power rankings

The Arizona Cardinals finished in the NFL's cellar of SB Nation's power rankings after such a promising start to their season.

NFL Power Rankings: Broncos burst into the top-2

The Niners may still reign supreme but the Broncos are now the finest the AFC has to offer after they extended their NFL-best win streak to nine Sunday.

2012 NFL Power Rankings Week 14: AZ Plummets

The Arizona Cardinals plummeted again in this week's power rankings. How far? Read below to find out.

NFL Power Rankings: Major shuffling in the top-5

There has been some major shuffling in the top five after a weekend of highly competitive games in the NFL.

2012 NFL Power Rankings: Houston Remains Number 1

Houston played five quarters against Jacksonville, then traveled to Detroit to play the Lions on Thanksgiving and won that game in overtime as well. That's good enough to keep them atop our rankings for another week.

NFL Power Rankings: 49ers fortify top-two status

If you were watching Monday Night Football, you'd be hard pressed to call the 49ers anything but the Super Bowl favorite after their dominating performance.

2012 NFL Power Rankings Week 9: Houston No. 1

The Texans beat the Bears in rainy Chicago Sunday night to take the top spot in this week's NFL power rankings. Good news to Arizona fans, as for the first time in over a month, a Sunday passed without Arizona losing.

NFL Power Rankings: Bears bust into the top-3

So that Bears defense is pretty intimidating, eh? If only Arizona fans could still say that same thing about any aspect of the Cardinals...

Week 7 Power Rankings: Cards continue free fall

The Arizona Cardinals fell out of the top half of the NFL with their third consecutive loss this past weekend while the Atlanta Falcons got some rest and remained on top.

2012 NFL Power Rankings: Week 6

See where your team sits in SB Nation Arizona's week six NFL power rankings.

NFL Power Rankings: So, how bout those 49ers?

The San Francisco 49ers are back on top of the power rankings after disposing of the Buffalo Bills like they were a high school team.