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UFC 154: Main Event Breakdown

After 19 long months, Georges St-Pierre returns to the Octagon to defend his UFC welterweight title. St-Pierre faces Carlos Condit, who won the interm title in February.

MMA Weekly

After 19 long months, Georges St-Pierre returns to the Octagon to defend his UFC welterweight title for the seventh time. St-Pierre has not lost since 2007, and has been the UFC undisputed welterweight champion since 2008.

In steps Carlos Condit, who won the interm title with a win over Nick Diaz in February, Condit has won five fights in a row and has two "Knockout of the Night" performances in his last three fights.

Tale of the Tape

Georges St-Pierre

  • Age - 31
  • Record - 22-2 (13 stoppage victories)
  • Height - 5'10
Carlos Condit
  • Age - 28
  • Record 28-5 (26 stoppage victories)
  • Height - 6'2
How Condit Wins

It will be important for Condit to get to GSP early as there will likely be ring rust from the champion. St-Pierre has not been in the Octagon in almost two years. Condit needs to take advantage of that and rough GSP up in the opening minutes of the fight.

Condit averages 3.27 strikes landed per minute, and his work rate will likely have to be higher against GSP. Condit also has to use his diverse striking ability in this fight, he has to use kicks, knees and elbows.

Condit has landed more strikes than his opponent in his last four fights. Against Nick Diaz, Condit landed 151 significant strikes. That is an average of 6.04 strikes per minute. That is the kind of work rate that Condit needs if he wants to win.

How Georges St-Pierre Wins

Georges St-Pierre is one of the most efficient strikers in the UFC. St-Pierre lands an average of 3.79 strikes per minutes and lands over half of his significant strikes attempted. St-Pierre only absorbs 1.17 strikes per minute, Condit absorbs 2.15 strikes per minute.

Where GSP has his biggest advantage over Condit is the ground game. St-Pierre has a 78% takedown accuracy. St-Pierre also averages 4.3 takedowns per 15 minutes in the Octagon, Condit averages 0.81. GSP has a distinct advantage with his ground game and that is where he needs to expose Condit.

The UFC returned its behind-the-scenes series UFC Primetime for this event. Cameras were rolling in the lead up to the fight, and here are the first two episodes of the series. Episode three airs on Friday night on FX.

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