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Arizona Diamondbacks Player/Pitcher of the Week: Goldy, Cahill are the winners

As the D-backs' season winds to a close, Paul Goldschmidt and Trevor Cahill have secured this week's Player and Pitcher of the Week awards.

Well, the Arizona Diamondbacks are now officially disqualified from the postseason, but that hasn't stopped the team from playing hard. At this point, they can't even play spoiler, really, so all that's on the line is pride. Though the D-backs went 3-4 in this week's play, they are back above .500.

A couple of players distinguished themselves this week, despite the team's circumstances. Paul Goldschmidt once again gave headaches to Tim Lincecum and the San Francisco Giants, so he's the Player of the Week. Trevor Cahill pitched a near-shutout complete game against the Chicago Cubs, and he's the Pitcher of the Week.

Goldschmidt's week as a whole wasn't very impressive, but he hit safely in every game this week and continued his campaign as Tim Lincecum's arch-nemesis. On Tuesday night, Goldy laid five RBIs on Tim, including a three-run home run in the third inning. Technically, the homer was his only "hit," but Goldschmidt added two sacrifice flies in other at-bats.

Trevor Cahill hasn't always had a smooth go of things in his first season with the D-backs, but his last game was a good one. He pitched his third career complete game, allowing only two runs over the outing. He struck out a nine batters -- a career high. Cahill almost had himself a three-hit shutout, as well, until Alfonso Soriano whacked a two-run homer in the ninth inning. But those two runs didn't matter much, as the team already had a 8-0 lead by that point.

For those interested parties, here are the scores with a week of the season to go:

Player of the Week awards:

Hill (7), Goldschmidt (5), Montero (3), Kubel (2), Parra (1), Roberts (1), Bloomquist (1), Johnson (1), Young (1), Eaton (1), Upton (1)

Pitcher of the Week awards:

Miley (8), Cahill (5), Corbin (3), Kennedy (3), Collmenter (2), Saunders (1), Shaw (1), Hernandez (1)