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I'm not a writer by trade, I just do this for the love of the game... or something. I was basically raised in Arizona beside a short stretch in Kansas where I attended the wonderful Kansas State University (the bias will slip out). The Arizona upbringing helped spawn an obsessive Suns and Cardinals fan. I do alright with the D-backs and Coyotes (I'm really trying). I spend way too much of my time thinking about sports. My blogging "career" started when a group of my friends decided to launch a little blog call Seasons of Discontent (or SoD for short). As most projects like that go, my buddies pretty much dropped off after a few months. Fortunately for me, Seth Pollack noticed my "writing talent" and brought me over to the Bright Side of the Sun to talk about the Suns. Now I'm here. I'm easily one of the top 15 writers on SB Nation Arizona and I look exactly like Gallagher.

Phoenix Suns NBA Draft History: Annotated Look At 20 Years Of Picks

The Phoenix Suns have drafted 41 players over the past 20 years - here's a look at ALL of them.

Dallas Mavericks Win NBA Championship; Plunge Suns Fans Further Into Misery

Reaction to the Dallas Mavericks winning the 2011 NBA Finals

NBA Draft History: Worst 13th Picks

You've seen the best of the 13th pick - now the rest. OK, the worst.

NBA Draft History: Top Five 13th Picks

With the Suns having the 13th pick in the upcoming NBA Draft, it's time to take a look back at the greatest 13th picks.

The Arizona Diamondbacks Are In First Place; Wait, What?

It's Memorial Day and the D-Backs are in first place - how are they doing it and can they keep it up?

Ranking The Phoenix Suns Western Conference Finals Failures

With the Western Conference Finals in full swing let's take a look at the times the Suns have reached that stage and fallen short.

NBA Draft Lottery: Movin' On Up, History's Biggest Winners

Despite long odds, some NBA teams have moved up in the draft to get a pretty sweet pick. Can the Suns be as lucky as these guys?

NBA Playoffs: Rooting For The Miami Heat (Soul For Sale)

The Miami Heat earned the support of this writer who says, Don't hate the Heat.

Arizona Sports: Four Months Of Stuff Kinda Sorta Going On

OK, so it's not going to be a thrilling next four months in Arizona sports, but it isn't going to be THAT bad.

NFL Draft History: Top Picks Include More Busts Than Booms

A look back at the last top picks in the NFL Draft reveals far more busts than great picks.